Improve Your Mood, Memory and Mental Sharpness Fast

I know you're wanting to get started, and I want to make the journey as easy, fun and successful as possible. That's why I've created the BRIGHT MINDS programme.

Does This Sound Like You?

You often feel overwhelmed and anxious , so it’s harder to find moments of joy in your everyday life.

You procrastinate, find it difficult to make decisions and regularly fail to follow through on what you planned.

Your memory lapses are becoming more frequent, making you fear that you’re losing your mind.

You are so easily distracted that you spend your day flitting from one thing to the next, leaving you feeling unproductive and exhausted.


What If Things Could Be Different?

How amazing would it be to calm the thoughts that go round in your head?

Say goodbye to overwhelm and reduce the noise inside your head so that you can think clearly and reclaim your joy.

How amazing would it be to easily remember things you should know?

Easily recall what you've read, why you came into the room or even what you did at the weekend.

How amazing would it be if you were able to focus on what you need to do?

Being organised, productive and having a sense of achievement every day are all within your grasp.



12 weeks to a healthier, sharper brain!

BRIGHT MINDS is the group coaching programme for women in midlife who want to take control of their mood, memory and mental sharpness. It's an essential roadmap that will empower you to optimise and protect your brain now and for the rest of your life.

Together we are going to get you the confidence and mental clarity to live life to the full in midlife and beyond. This program has been crafted by a qualified Brain Health Coach, who has helped women like you from around the world to optimise how their brain functions.

This programme is going to help you avoid the things that harm your brain and prioritise the things that are good for it. Empowered and inspired, you will improve your mood and mental sharpness and face the future with hope. Sound good?

Here's What You Get When You Join

Live weekly coaching

We’ll set you up for success. You’ll get really clear on where you are at right now, why it is important to you to protect your brain, and make life-changing progress.

VALUE: £1,100

Online content

Watch, pause, take notes and replay the videos whenever you want. Or even listen on-the-go. Then work through the reflective exercises at a time that suits you.

VALUE: £1,100

Resources for all modules

Checklists, assessments and guides - everything you need to support your learning throughout the programme and beyond.

VALUE: £97

Group chat

You won't be alone! Share your successes and challenges with others on a similar journey to you. Together you will be so much stronger!

Brain-healthy recipes

Easy to make and delicious recipes so you know that the food on your plate is boosting your brain power. Every recipe is designed to take the hassle out of meal times.

Lifetime access

With lifetime access to the programme content, you will be able to revisit anytime in the future. Come back to the modules and take away something new each time.

A total value of £2,297

Join now for just £997!

What We Will Cover

Lesson 1

We’ll set you up for success. You’ll get really clear on where you are at right now, why it is important to you to protect your brain and how to make it a priority.

Lessons 2-11

We’ll get super practical. You’ll learn the various things that can harm your brain and make shifts in your diet and lifestyle to give your brain an upgrade.

Lesson 12

We’ll celebrate what you have achieved! You’ll not only experience more energy and zest for life, but you will retake assessments that confirm the improvement you’ve made.

This programme is for you if:

  • Your mood, memory and mental sharpness are concerning you and you want to take action to upgrade your brain.

  • You want to swap stress and overwhelm for more joy in your life.

  • You want to nip health concerns in the bud to set you up for a more vibrant future.

  • Your doctor has told you that it's time to change your diet and lifestyle but you don't know where to start.

  • You know what you want for your health and mental wellbeing and just need the support and encouragement of others to help you get there.

This programme is NOT for you if:

  • You are wanting a diagnosis or treatment plan. For this you need to consult with a qualified medical professional or doctor.

  • You want help for your loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia. They need bespoke support so please book a call with me instead.

  • You have a diagnosed eating disorder, clinical depression or other mental illness. Please do not enrol in this programme unless you have obtained informed consent from your mental health practitioner.

  • You are not ready to make dietary and lifestyle changes to support your health and mental wellbeing.


Get to Know Your Coach

I believe you can regain your mental sharpness and hold onto your precious memories and the connections with those you love as you age.

I believe you deserve to have more joy, passion and fulfilment in your life.

I believe your physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health blend together to make you the amazing woman you are and that the key to greater wellbeing lies in optimising each area.

I believe in creating a safe and supportive space where you can explore your unique journey towards optimal brain health.

I believe you are unique and that you have the answers to unlock your own health and mental wellbeing, with me as the guide by your side, supporting, encouraging and inspiring you on your journey.

I believe this is your time.

What Participants Have to Say


My mother and grandmother both had early-onset dementia so I thought I was

predestined to travel down this same, heart-breaking route. It was such a relief to do Allison’s programme and to realise there are so many things I can do right now that will still have a positive impact on my brain health in the years to come.


Thanks to Allison’s guidance, I am now taking in information when I read, I am learning to play and I am starting to heal from years of chronic stress. Importantly, I have a whole new respect for my brain. I will always be grateful for the pathway I am now on towards restoration.


This programme has been so practical, giving me things I can easily change as well as deeper commitments that require more effort. I can't recommend this programme highly enough to anyone who wants to understand their brain health, and know how to look after themselves and others.


I found the Bright Minds programme incredibly helpful - it really underlined what I need to do to improve my cognitive health. Allison delivers the sessions in an accessible and engaging way with practical applications at all points. I would highly recommend the course to anyone concerned about brain health - it's great to know there's things you can do!


The knowledge I've gained from this course has helped me take more control of my health, and taught me that my brain can respond positively to the changes I put in place. I've learnt it's beneficial to stretch my brain regularly; to widen the variety of healthy food I eat; to give myself the best chance of good quality sleep that doing things I enjoy is not self-indulgent but beneficial for my health.


"Do it! It is so practical, helpful and easy to apply. I wish I'd been taught it at school."

"It's given me much more understanding of how our physiology and physical environment can affect our mental health."

"It has helped me understand that the damage we do CAN be reversed, and there are things we can do to help that happen."

It is never too early or too late to start

taking care of your brain.


Have You Got Questions?


When is the best time to start?

I hate to be the bearer of uncomfortable news, but dementia can be seen in the brain decades before a diagnosis, so it really is never too early to start taking care of your brain. In midlife, women become even more vulnerable, which is why so many suffer with increasing memory lapses, brain fog and low mood. Countless studies have shown that dietary and lifestyle interventions are the most effective strategies for slowing down brain ageing but the sooner you start, the better the outcomes are likely to be.

What do I get when I join?

I’m totally committed to helping you improve the health of your brain so I’ve crafted the BRIGHT MINDS programme to empower you with the training, encouragement, support and resources you need to make this a reality.

You will join a small, private group of other women on a similar journey to you and together, you will learn the major risk factors that can harm your brain and steal your mind. You won’t be alone!

With the support and encouragement of your coach and the group, you will identify your starting point so that you can map out what you need to do to help you move from where you are towards a better mood, memory and mental sharpness. 

You will have access to 12 modules containing educational videos, with practical suggestions of ways to reduce your risk, as well as downloadable resources, assessments, checklists and recipes.

How much time will I need to commit?

To get the most out of this programme you need to be all-in! It is an investment in YOU and how you turn up for your family, your relationships and your work.

To make it super achievable, the programme is divided into two blocks of 6 weeks, with a two-week break in the middle.

For each module you will need to set aside approximately 90 minutes a week:

45 minutes to work through the content, assessments, reflect and make a commitment to yourself to take action.

45 minutes to meet together as a group where you will learn from each other, be inspired and be held accountable.

How many others will be in the group with me?

I intentionally keep the groups small so that you can get to know each other and feel comfortable sharing your experiences. With smaller groups, I can ensure that each participant receives wholehearted support and attention throughout the program. I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing space where everyone can thrive and grow together.

The maximum in any group will be 10 participants.

What can I expect in a group coaching session?

In our group coaching sessions, you can expect a supportive and empowering environment where we work together to help you achieve your goals.

We'll be there to support you every step of the way, providing guidance and encouragement.

Accountability is a key aspect of these sessions, as we'll hold you accountable to the actions you commit to taking.

Through coaching, we'll help you develop an empowered state of mind, enabling you to overcome challenges so that you can experience the improved mood, memory and mental sharpness you desire.

Our sessions are designed to inspire and motivate you, ensuring that you stay on track throughout your journey.

Together, we'll create a space where you can thrive and achieve the results you desire.

Will I have to go on a specific diet?

While I will definitely encourage you to eat in a way that nourishes your brain and supports your brain type, I do not prescribe to any particular diet. I believe that there is no one set way to approach our diet because we are all unique.

Do I need to sign a programme agreement?

Yes. A programme agreement is a good way to help you feel that you will get a quality service but also to get commitment from you, which is essential to your progress. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the successful delivery of the programme and for achieving results. We use a simple but comprehensive agreement as a good foundation for your brain health journey.

Do you guarantee the privacy of my information?

Absolutely! I will never use your details or anything you say without getting your permission first, unless required to by law.

Do you offer refunds?

I want you to feel so wowed and grateful for the impact that this programme has on your life that you want to tell all your friends and family about it! However, if it turns out not to be a good fit for you, then I will give you a pro-rata refund for any modules not yet started. 

Does this align with you?


Start improving your mood, memory and mental sharpness today.



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